Paleo Pizza Cracker

Paleo Pizza Cracker’s made with almond flour. You’ll only need 12 ingredients for these deliciously crispy protein-packed low-carb crackers. Plus we’ve got Paleo Cheese flavor variations for you to try!

Hello, it’s me, Cayla McAllister, In case we haven’t met yet, I’m the Brand Manager of vitalistfood, it is one of the best vegan restaurants in los Angeles, and you can read everything you need to know about us here. Today I’m here to talk about snacks. I am so excited for you to try this recipe! Be sure to read the full blog.

Have you tried this new Paleo Cheese Cracker??

Our 3 pm snack best crispy paleo crackers you’ll ever eat. This healthy homemade crackers recipe is fantastic, and the flavor combinations are endless. We can infuse them with herbs like rosemary or chives, and even make them sweet. I was thinking a maple, cinnamon combination would be amazing. What do you think?

What’s in these Paleo Pizza Crackers?

our version of these crackers a few times until they were perfectly crispy. They’re made with 12 simple ingredients: Almond flour, flax flour, red onion, sundried tomato, zucchini, red bell pepper, garlic, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, Celtic sea salt, spices, 6oz pack. So easy, and even keto, if you’re into that! We included some yummy flavor variations to try if you really want to jazz these up. Dip ’em or just add them as croutons to salad!

Let us know if you make these paleo crackers, and what flavor you try!

What to serve these paleo crackers with:

  • Pair with any Vitalist hummus’ and shizzle
  • Garlic White Bean Basil Hummus
  • Fresh & Healthy 7-Layer Dip
  • Black Bean, Corn, and Quinoa Enchilada Bake (or dip!)
  • The Best Guacamole You’ll Ever Eat
  • Or spread with one of the homemade nut butter!

I hope you love these paleo crackers! If you make them sure to leave a comment and a rating, I know how you liked them. Enjoy