Paleo & Crackers in the same sentence !?

Yup. It’s happening, and it’s delicious.  A few months ago I made these Paleo Cheese and Pizza Crackers and they were crispy so I knew I needed to continue the cracker train and mix it up with some herbs and nutritional yeast! If you don’t know what nutritional yeast is – here is what you need to know: it is a deactivated yeast that is flaky inconsistency and nutty/ cheesy in taste.  Vegans are all about this stuff to give things a cheese flavor and if you are dairy-free it is a fabulous way to recreate the flavor.  I used it in my Paleo Pizza Crackers and it was CRAZY GOOD!  Also perfect for football season so you gotta make it soon.

Anyways, the yeast in these crackers gives them a cheesy taste and I added rosemary and sage to really Fall it up!  I am obsessed with these herbs and use them whenever I can!  I cannot wait to move into our house and plant an herb garden!!  I have a terrible black thumb but I am going to be on a mission to change that! I have seen these super cute planter box ideas on Pinterest and I am determined to make it work.  I will be sure to report back on that on our website, If you want to eat these crackers then you can come to vitalistfood, it is one of the best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles! We are starting to plan out the kitchen now and I am FREAKING OUT that my dream might actually become real. Can’t wait to show you the details of the renovations!


Okay, I got off track. These crackers are simple to make and super tasty. But be sure to eat them the same day because they lose their crisp after a while!
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