Without a doubt, we can’t keep up with new information around the latest diet trends, new and old disease, good and bad bacteria and how it effects the microbiome, microbes lurking in water and in us, viruses coming out of nowhere and without remedy, and nutrition and health in general. And often medicine if it exists, comes with the high price of known and unknown direct and side effects, or is in trial, or we have already built up a tolerance for the anti-biotic were to take and are given, as it was in our food supply or we have already used it in the past to fight an earlier strain that was effecting our body, or we just don’t have access or the full picture story so were just doing what we are told or what we read. So, what can we do to feel empowered and without a doubt know we are doing the right thing for us?

WE have to become the first line of defense. We are the doctor we have been looking for. We are in the information age, and we can get our immune system back on our side so that we have an innate advantage over the chemicals, toxins, bacteria, viruses we will continuously will and do come in contact with as long as we breathe and are alive.

Food and herbs that a. build our immune system and enhance the bodies ability to resist disease, b. build excellent intestinal floral, and feed rather than hinder cells and c. are easy to digest and absorb and do not cost more energy than the service they provide, are the keys to health at this point in life. Now how you may ask do we determine which program of philosophy is correct? The simplest answer is this: can this food be found growing wild in nature, is it innately beneficial to my body and is the value of nutrition higher than the cost of intake.

I believe we can all agree that so much of the food on the shelves is denatured, processed, genetically modified or has additives, preservatives, or chemicals applied to “protect” the food from natural breakdown. And all non organic produce is sprayed with chemical insectides, fungicides, pesticides, and whatever else is necessary to keep the critters away but not at the safety of our future consumption. These “additives” are contributing and leading to the havoc that is happening within the body. Secondarily, when we consider whole foods, it is important to also consider the microorganisms, toxic burden, potential heavy metals, farming practices,- sprays, antibiotics, soil, exposure to chemicals beyond what is sprayed- and how it will break down and work inside once we consume it. How does this food effect or benefit my organs, my tissue, my blood, my brain and my gut?

We will never say macronutrients don’t matter, however, we will make the bold statement that is true, the nine essential amino acids need to come from food. You can get these by eating a wide variety fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, seaweeds and some grain. WE will continue by saying the color of food, is incredibly important to get in, as it has essential vitamins and mineral. People often found ill, are missing essential minerals, and often need vitamin boosts. It will always be better to get vitamins and mineral and amino acids from food that can be easily digest, absorbed and have a low toxic burden. And-

These are the key components utilized by Vitalist Food:

• Honey is the queen of all foods. It is the greatest beauty food around, and when from bees that pollinate berries, and fruit tree, raw honey is the most superios human food, just about berries. Vitalist nearly exclusively used tree or bush honey as a sweetner and delivery mechanis for nturients in our superfood drink snack and meal. The highest frequency food we offer, has gotten that way because of the enzymatic and vibrational charge of honey. The bees that provide our honey, coinute to live and work humming along pollinating flower so that growth continues to happen and the cycle and circle of life moves forward. We believe standing for bees, is one of our primary purposes in delivery food that is a step above antyhgin else on the market. Do not heat honey, or you may as well eat white sugar. No the source of your honey, as it is not equal, and buy it locally if possible as it atunes your beign to the natural world around you.
• Berries berries berries- berries are excellent. Antioxidant rich, full of seeds, grow at a height protected from the ground and easily reached by hands. Growing easily wild in nature, and low on the glycemic index. A brilliant first first meal of the day. You can blend into a smoothie if your stash is frozen, and if not just eat them as they are. Truly a human food, above any other.
• Seeds are filled with potential energy. The pack power, fat, protein and add substance to nearly anything. Notice fruit and vegetable and their seeds. Black sesame seed, buckwheat, sunflower, flax, pumpkin, even cumin and coriander seeds, bring up texture flavor, minerals, macro and micro nutrients, and fire up digestion.
• Nori, dulse, seapalm, arame, hijiki and irish moss, are seaweed and sea salt, which is rich in naturally occurring iodine, sodium and many trace minerals. Seaweed can be used to wrap up veggies, or even you seed cheese, with avocado, and other fixing. You can add it to a zucchini pasta, a thai soup or a miso soup. You can wash it excessively and blend it into a gel and soothes the intestinal tract. You can sprinkle flakes on avocado for a salty finish. However you do it, it adds abundance of absorbable minerals.
• Raw Apple cider vinegar is a tonic that help stimulate hydrocholoric acid and assist the stomach to work effectively. It also helps break up cholesterol stones, and has been used for centuries as a health aid in times of illness. A few favorite tonics are: a. ACV with Himalayan sea salt, and water, gargle ½ serving and spit out, then drink the other half. B. acv with baking soda and water as an antacid. This works again fungus, mold and yeast.
• Good cold pressed oils, unheated, and stored in dark packaging to preserve there distinct and natural flavor are lubrication to your cells. Olive oil is a chief beauty food. Flax oil deliver omega 3 essential fatty acid and should be stored in refrigerate and served with citrus such as lemon juice or lime juice or apple cider vinegar.
• Fresh turmeric and fresh ginger and ginseng and burdock. Roots that pack a punch.
• Aloe Vera skin and gel
• Probiotic food such as kombucha, raw sauerkraut,- especially made from red cabbage- yogurt and probiotice super charged in foods.
• Eat an organic salad every day, especially with a meal that otherwise may have limited enzymes and cooked away nutrients. This will help with digestion, and balance out the need for enzymes. WE recommend having a simple salad if it is consumed with other food. Wild green leaves and herbs, chewed or blended- parsley, For example:
Wild Arugula or thin chopped kale or supergreens, with the juice of ½ a lemon, a splash of cold pressed olive oil, a splash of raw apple cider vinegar, pinch of sea salt- and then maybe one to four more ingredients if needed- example, cucumber- (silica), sunflower seeds, almond, radish, fennel, kale etc.
If this is your main meal, please get in avocados, and blanched broccoli, so bell pepers, squash, seaweeds, veggies, seeds, nuts, – whatever makes if fun and interesting and amplifies various colors that our food ahs to offer.