Vitalist High Frequency Food is unique as we have very well thought out creation that balance the gut and the brain. WE make food that is easy to digest, often low on the glycemic index- even when we use honey, we generally pair with oil or nut fat to slow the spike in insulin-and is directly beneficial to your health. This is no gimmick nor special trend food. Everything we use, has some semblance found growing wild in nature.

Juicing and cleansing have become highly popular. But is it really good to buy juice that was made as far back as 28 days ago? Juice is valuable made at home or on the spot, for about 1 hour. Every minute after juicing the nutrient value diminishes. So, we say juice (symbiotic) like ingredients like celery with parsley and lemon. Or simply a celery juice year round or a nice cucumber juice in the summer. But think about what you’re buying when you go get a plastic juice bottle from a shelf.

At Vitalist High Frequency food, we do have products that resemble juice. They are not though. Even the FDA declared our drinks, food, not juice. We take organic whole food ingredients, our electrolyte lemonade for example is a lemon, an apple, fresh turmeric, fresh ginger, Olive oil, honey, sea salt, and filtered water, and blend it into a rich cream and while blending, add more filtered water. This blend has a shelf life of around 2 weeks. Preserved by honey, lemon and salt. This easy to digest food packs a huge nutrient punch and benefits your organs, hydrates your body, give you the 99 benefits of turmeric, balances cell salts, adds minerals and has a generous amount of vitamin c, helps blood circulation and because of the honey, is taking nutrients to the further point in the body. Honey is an extraordinary superfood, rich in mineral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and acts a preservative. It has been revered as a beauty food for all of life. Bees are not harmed is the harvest and continue to live and rebuild, and help our world have food that is beneficial.

We blend to keep fiber intact and food more whole. Blending is a way to chew your food 300 times without having to chew your food 300 time. We do recommend chewing your liquids especially those made by us, as it is food, not juice, and should be consumed slowly. We have seen how difficult that can be because immediately your body can feel the benefit of an electrolyte lemonade, an aloe detox drink, a shizzle tea or a chia protein milk.