Supports Microbiome


Easy to digest






Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals

Organ-toning and detoxifying


Cold-Pressed Oils

Low-Glycemic Tree Honey

7 carbon-filtered water

Found with semblance growing wild in nature

Organic, Non-GMO

NO additives, preservatives, fillers, binders

NO animal products, No flesh foods


Seaweed and Marine Minerals

Dried Fruits, Roots, Shoots, Berries, Twigs, Herbs

Vast range of spices

Range of sea salt

Every day and in every way, I am becoming more vital

Vitalist Food is High Frequency Food that is fresh, clean and authentically good for you and the environment. Beyond using the best ingredients available anywhere, especially locally-grown organic ingredients for a low carbon footprint, we stand for global health, and we are raising the bar on what the world knows as plant-based, convenient, sustainably packaged get-and-go food. We create delicious immune boosting, superfood drinks, snacks, and meals that support the microbiome, are easy to digest and are nutrient dense. The most broken systems can absorb our nutrition and begin to regain strength and vitality.

The Vitalist bottom line is tasty, organic and symbiotic. Every ingredient choice we make has purpose. All of our recipes are formulated to make a greater whole; a superior product for your necessary vitality and busy (and sometime stressful) lifestyle. These scientifically-concocted blends, snacks, and meals stimulate taste buds while increasing physical and mental capacity.

We created a way to truly help you excel in your lifestyle, with our ready to drink, ready to eat and ready to snack vitals! We offer nutritional consultations and custom cleanses and packages to make your week easier. For those of you that are looking for simplicity when ordering, we have a wide range of subscriptions, that include organ detoxifying cleanses, and pre-designed bundles for home or work stash where you just eat what is in the box. These can be picked up or delivered directly to your home.