ABout Vitalist Food

A note from the Vitalist team

We created this brand with our health, your health and the health of planet Earth in mind. It is our oath to continuously bring you the greatest expression of health we can possibly create, serve and deliver to you. We use an Ozone filteration water system to clean vegetables which helps remove bacteria and anything else that we would not want present on any of our food and then use a six carbon filter situation for the water so that all the water that goes into the products we make is highly filtered and clean. Every ingredient we use is sourced from the highest possible place locally if possible organic and grown with the best farming practices available for the ingredients. You can read it all over our literature, and you can taste and experience it; we create each product symbiotically to make it more whole rather than less whole. Every choice we make for each recipe is to make a bigger better food that is more complete and more holistic for your body and ours.